Our Cocoa and Chocolate

At Ortinola, we are both the farmers and the chocolate-makers.

We grow our beans from our prized Trinitario trees

At Ortinola, we pride ourselves in producing some of the finest handmade Trinidadian chocolates. Our Trinitario cocoa trees produce quality beans, and we ferment and dry our beans with the utmost care.

Artisan chocolate, made with love

After drying, we make our chocolate in small batches. Our bars often have a mild fresh fruit flavour with floral notes. Our small chocolate business can provide something to suit every palate with our 60% bars being surprisingly delicious, even for those who are not dark chocolate lovers.

We currently offer a range of chocolate bars, cocoa nibs, and truffles.

If you are having a special event, why not use our chocolates as mini party favours? We provide wedding favours, gift baskets and custom orders on request. We also have cocoa tours and bean to bar workshops where you can visit and learn more about Trinidad and Tobago's cocoa industry. Have a look at our schedule here: https://mailchi.mp/ortinola/xrwos05l19?fbclid=IwAR303kAovkojTUWaKXMdqjCcTOYvYleTAf4nM7yNiqdww6qvjCL3iZm_lyw

Where can I find Ortinola's dark chocolate in Trinidad? At any event you attend at Ortinola, we should have chocolate available for sale! You can also visit our Tour Page to find out about our tour schedule and chocolate-making here: https://mailchi.mp/ortinola/200zl5fhgt-1358505

If you're not visiting us for a tour or tea, delivery can be arranged with a minimum spend of TT $300 to Grand Bazaar or you can pick up. Just give us a call at 663 6229.

You can also pick up our chocolates at the following select outlets (re-stocking on Thursday 29th March):

  • The Shop at The Normandie, St. Anns, Port of Spain
  • Sweet Nothings Gourmet Store, Trincity Mall, Trincity and C3 Centre
  • The Happy Gourmet, Valpark Shopping Plaza, Valsayn South
  • Neha Karina (NK)  / Nik Naks Gift Shop, Trinidad Hilton, St. Anns, Port of Spain
  • Uncorked Wines & Spirits Ltd, Tragarete Road
  • Adam's Bagels, Maraval


  • Look for us at markets and pop-up shops around Trinidad!


How can you use cocoa nibs?


  1. In Smoothies (great with bananas, not with pawpaw for some reason)
  2. In Baking: these are a healthier alternative to chocolate chips, they add flavour without adding sugar and look great as sprinkles
  3. Straight out of the bag
  4. For Cooking in Savoury Sauces
  5. Salad Topping (for the adventurous)
  6. In Greek or Plain Yogurt
  7. Grind with bayleaf, cinnamon and nutmeg to make homemade ‘cocoa tea’
  8. Grind and add to your coffee!
  9. They are NOT chocolate chips or cocoa powder - which are different products

Why should I use cocoa nibs?

  1. Higher in antioxidants than most superfoods
  2. Produced on a local farm #supportlocal
  3. Zero added sugar

Nutritional Information can be found below for our chocolate bars.

Nutritional Info for 35g Bars

Phone: 1-868-696-1507
Email: info@ortinola.com

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